What People are Saying

"What I love most about working with Kim is her ability to see the vision for my business and run with it. As a business owner, I’ve struggled to find people who get what I want to create and also have the initiative to go make it happen. It’s rare, and I’ve found that with Kim. I trust that she wants my business to succeed the same way I do. I am grateful for the work and energy Kim has poured into my business and highly recommend her!"

- Sarah Try, soulful marketing

"It's great to have someone like Kim in the digital market who actually knows what it takes to be successful on digital e-learning platforms. So glad we met!"

- Chris williams, senthold

"This woman has been my sanity in the midst of several storms in creating www.hairbossuniversity.com. I have the education part down no problem!!!! But when it comes to the tech part I just want to cry :(. Although, it is still a work in progress because I'm getting back to work. I am so thankful that I found her when I did... If you need tech help I highly recommend her!"

- Sally lemmo, Hairboss university.

"Kim and I had an awesome strategy session! It was powerful and exciting to work together to lay out my forward plan. She really kept me on track and asked all the right questions. She produced a wonderful report for me after our session and it was so nice to see it all laid out, instead of being stuck inside my head."

- Allison higgins, life & success coach

"As an owner of two growing businesses, I need someone who can “figure things out” instead of having me put more time and effort to give them detailed guidance - and Kim is a rock star at that! She brings a sense of calm and order each time I speak with her - there’s something about her that tells me she will just get the job done and she continues to keep exceeding my expectations. Lastly, with Kim, what you see is what you get. She’s authentic and trustworthy. I hope to have a long-lasting work relationship with her. Hire her, you won’t be disappointed.”

- Palak shah, open spaces women

"Kim WOW! What a gift you are. So very grateful for all your pointers I really feel you have 'gotten' me and that is a rare feeling for me. Thank you so much. Much gratitude and love for all your research and thoughtful support"

- Sandy leathem, Health aging consultant

"I was so fortunate to find Kim to help me during my first virtual summit! Kim is proactive, always looking for ways to improve results and it is super easy to communicate with her! She definitely took the fear of technical difficulties out of my plate during my virtual summit. We had no tech issues during the summit! not one!! I can't believe how smooth it was"

- Elise Lefranc, LIFE coach

Working with Kim was a high-value experience that saved me so much time! She is super knowledgeable and completed a couple of projects on my to-do list that I either did not have the chance to get to or slipped through the cracks. She helped me cut the learning curve for Kajabi and also gave me some great tips and tricks that simplified my email sequences. I would not hesitate to hire Kim again and recommend her services.

- marietta crawford, linkedin expert

"Working with Kim was a breath of fresh air. She is patient, listens, and puts you at ease about your project. From the beginning, she makes sure you are focused on achieving positive outcomes. She lays out the stages, steps, and deliverables, in a way that is understandable and can be tracked. She is determined to make sure you are not lying awake worrying about tech issues and can get on with what you love doing best. She looks out for your best interest going over and beyond to ensure you get ROI from the services she offers. "


"Working with Kim has given me the confidence to be a successful entrepreneur. Before I was stuck with all the tech stuff, but now I'm on the right path. I've been able to focus on scaling my business. Having her on your team is a no-brainer. You are the calm in the storm and chaos of business ownership."


"The AMAZING Kim Roth!!! 🎉🎉 If you are working online you NEED Kim even if you think you don't!! Kim is totally BRILLIANT and will be a huge game changer for your business - 110% Recommend her!!! Kim will give you a huge feeling of relief and joy as she takes over the tech nitty gritty and makes things both happen on time and look fantastic!!!🎉🎉 Kim is also a totally awesome person to work with! 🤩"




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